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7930 E Baseline Rd.,Mesa, AZ 85209,USA

7930 E Baseline Rd
Mesa, AZ 85209
phone // 480-986-6750

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In May of 2018 our church partnered with the North American Mission Board in an effort to get support in Replanting Light in the Desert Church. This decision was driven by a sense of God’s movement here and throughout the entire United States to revive dying churches; to resurrect churches to a new life of gospel growth. We couldn’t be more excited to see how God is graciously breathing new life into Light in the Desert Church.

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Join us this weekend!

Church Family, I do hope you all are well.  I want to invite all who receive this blog post to join us this weekend as we contemplate and celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus.  This week in our calendar, often referred to as Passion Week, captures...

Test of Mercy

Church Family, What a great time together this past Sunday.  It was a joy to have Erik Naylor from Life Among the Nations share God's Word with us and update us on what the Lord is doing at ASU amongst international students.  Check out this link for more information...

Easter Weekend

Church Family, What a wonderful time together this past Sunday as we prayed, sang, read Scripture, and heard God's Word preached.  Genesis fills in so many details that the entire bible unpacks with its 66 books.  It has been a joy to study the history of God moving...

The Faithful One

Church Family, As we continue to make our way through Genesis, we are beginning to see Joseph as the faithful one. Despite all the difficulties he faces, he is consistent and unwavering in his faith in God. This past Sunday, Joseph was faced with an opportunity to be...


Church Family, Sunday was a fantastic day as we continued in the book of Genesis.  Joseph will carry the story from here.  We will see the ups and downs as Israel moves out of the promised land and into Egypt.  Genesis 37 begins that journey by telling us how his...

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