Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord.

Psalm 127:3a ESV
Here at Light in the Desert Church, we deeply believe in investing in our children by giving them God’s word and helping parents have spiritual conversations. The primary discipler of any child is their parent; they have the most significant spiritual impact, so we work hard to support and partner with parents. We desire to minister to the entire family and our convictions are to give students a foundation in truth and provide the skills to understand scripture.

*All of our volunteers have received specialized training and passed a background check, so you can be assured that your child is well cared for and safe.


Sunday Morning Schedule:

9 am: Four classes offered; Catechism and Grand Story, Learning Bible Reading Strategies

10:15 am: Birth-3rd grade-Dismissed to class after the music to go through the Grand Story of the Bible; 4th-12th grade in service, notes pages available to support children and family conversations after church

Infants and Toddlers

In the nursery, our babies will be starting out young with developmental activities such as toy play, songs, rhymes, and physical actions that will reinforce the catechism and memory verses. 

At the 10:15 hour, Birth-Kindergarten will be learning from The Big Picture Story Bible and will be reviewing the catechism question, through music and activities. They will also be participating in Virtue Vision activities through the New City program which reinforces the qualities in the life of a believer i.e., joy, trust, forgiveness.  And of course, there will be time for play, crafts, and snacks!

Prek-3rd Grade

Our Preschoolers through 3rd graders will meet together to go through the New City catechism learning eternal truths about God and His good and perfect plan for us. Every two weeks children will learn a new city catechism question and answer. Along with the Q&A, the children will get a new memory verse card for which they will be responsible to take home, practice, bring back each Sunday to recite and get a sticker on their verse cards for “good effort” in memorizing and understanding what the verse means.

The children will be developing Bible listening skills and emerging reading skills as they hear and eventually read passages from God’s word for themselves. They will also be hearing full Bible stories on the second week of each question from The Jesus Storybook Bible.  We will be using a toolkit from the Swedish Method to understand God’s Word, by sharing exciting things we discover, asking questions, and understanding what our responses to God’s Word should be.

4th-6th grade

4th-6th will look very similar to the Prek-3rdK-2 class, only more in depth. We will be following the same rotation of a new catechism question and answer, along with a supporting Bible verse, every other week. 

The children will continue to develop Bible reading skills by making connections to the grand story of the Bible using the Swedish Method to process through the passage of the die that ties into the catechism question.

7th-12th Grade

Our youth room will be a place where students can gather, play games, connect, and most of all, reflect on God’s Word. The 7th-12th graders will still review the catechism and scripture every week, but the focus of our time together will be on reading through the Bible. We will be using the 7 Arrows method to process through Scripture and learn how to be good Bible readers. Our hope is that this skill translates over to their personal study of scripture at home.

Parent Resources