What kind of church is Light in the Desert (LITD)?
Light in the Desert is a Southern Baptist church that seeks and promotes a personal relationship with God. We are fully committed to the truths of the Bible. We strive to communicate those truths in a relevant and understandable way for many who face real issues and are looking for answers. We have discovered that those answers are only found in a personal walk with Jesus Christ. We consider ourselves to be real people, not perfect, just forgiven sinners that have experienced a love and acceptance that we joyfully share with others.

What are the worship services like?
Our weekly worship gathering takes place every Sunday morning at 10:15 am. We work hard to make sure your experience at Light in the Desert Church is one that engages Jesus and honors God. Our Sunday Gathering features many elements, but the centerpiece of our gathering is the scriptures. Our Pastor preaches expositionally through books of the bible with occasionally preaching series on theological topics.

What do you offer for my kids?

9 am: Class for 0-10yrs old (and we hope to launch another class for 11yrs old and beyond) while you enjoy our adult Sunday Studies Class.

10:15 am: Class for 0-5yrs (your kids stay with you during the beginning music portion of the service and then are dismissed to go to class as they meet their teacher in the foyer.)

10:15 am: 6-10yrs stay in the gathering with their parents

We are a church that is staffed with church volunteers complete with background checks, so as to ensure your child’s safety. While we expect that your children will enjoy these activities more, you are always welcome to keep them with you during the service if you prefer.

Read more about our Children’s Ministry here.

How do I connect with others?
We are convinced that the best place for spiritual growth and connecting with others is in a smaller setting of discipleship. We have several avenues for being in a smaller group- Sunday Studies, Wednesday night DisipleMakers, LifeGroups that meet in homes, and occasional Women’s and Men’s Fellowship gathering. It is in these smaller settings that you will get friendship-building, encouragement, prayer, support and training. Read more about how you can connect here.