Church Family,

Continuing through Acts, this past Sunday we looked at the moment of the sending of the Holy Spirit. To describe this moment as miraculous would be an understatement. The Holy Spirit made its presence known in a roaring sound and a brilliant image. The timing was perfect, such that people from all across the known world were present to witness and receive this moment. Those people then heard the Gospel, each in their own language, by the power of the work of the Spirit. Still some there do not receive this good word and mock the apostles as though they were drunk, but Peter refutes them by showing that this very moment has been foretold in Scripture. As we consider this text this week, let us grow in confidence that we are called by the Holy Spirit to spread the Gospel, and not just called but empowered. This empowerment may not come as a tongue of flame or spontaneous fluency in a foreign language, but even that urge to share with a neighbor or those insightful words that come to us as we speak with coworkers are a clear demonstration of the work of the Spirit.

Church Picnic

We will be having a church picnic at Usery Park this upcoming Sunday, April 28th. We have Ramada C1 reserved from 2-6 p.m. (though there is no obligation to stay that whole time) and will bring some yard games as well as water games for the kids. Food will be potluck style, so please sign up in the foyer. Make sure to bring yourself something to drink and a chair to sit in. Entrance into the park is $7 per vehicle.

New Sunday Studies

This upcoming Sunday we will be starting a new series in our Sunday Studies. In this series we will investigate the Bible’s grand story. When we look at the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation we find threads that run the whole way through. This class is meant to help us see how these threads weave together to form a grand narrative, God’s story of His redeeming love and how He will renew all creation.

Grace be with you,

Logan Murphy

Pastoral Intern