Church Family,

This past Sunday in our series leading up to Easter we examined the Thursday of Passion Week. Here we found a story in three pieces that speaks of the breadth and the beauty of God’s sovereignty. The first piece of this story used the hospitality of a stranger to demonstrate God’s sovereign rule over our faith and obedience, teaching us to be humble regarding our good works but to pursue them eagerly knowing that God can use them to magnificent ends. The second used Judas’ treachery to demonstrate God’s sovereign rule even over our unbelief and rebellion, teaching us to grieve our sin but also to know that our sin is not beyond the authority of God. The final piece of the story, the institution of the Lord’s Supper, drew together these threads of God’s rule over both righteousness and sin. Here it is made clear that God’s purpose as He reigns is to forgive the sins of all His people and to usher in a new and glorious kingdom, and we can be confident in these purposes because God has proven his sovereign authority time and time again.

Deacon Candidate

Two Sundays ago we announced Curtis Wyatt as a candidate for the deacon of technology. Generally speaking, we believe that the Bible lays out the role of deacon as those who serve the church in a particular and practical area. Deacons are qualified not only on the basis of their aptitude in their particular areas of service, but also on the basis of a consistent godly character. If affirmed as deacon, Curtis would be tasked with handling or delegating various technological needs of the church such as website maintenance and handling audio/video equipment. We believe he is qualified both on the basis of his extensive technological experience as a software engineer and, more importantly, on the basis of his clear love for God and for God’s church. If you have any questions or concerns about bringing Curtis on as a deacon or about the role of deacons in general, we encourage you to reach out to Curtis and to our elders before our vote this upcoming Sunday, March 24th.

Grace be with you,

Logan Murphy

Pastoral Intern