Church Family,

Can you believe we have just one more week left in the book of Genesis?  This series has been encouraging to me in at least two ways.  One, the entire bible finds its roots in the book of Genesis.  So to study it thoroughly will aid your understanding of the whole bible.  I pray that has been the case for you.  Secondly, how it sets the tone for the importance of God’s sovereignty has been deeply encouraging.  What has been extremely clear is that we owe our salvation, from beginning to end, to God alone.  There is no other explanation for all we have in Christ; it’s God’s work!

Thank you for your desire to consume God’s Word above all else every time we gather!


Kids Camp

Pray for those who will attend and the volunteers as June 8-10 draws near.  We are excited and looking forward to what the Lord will do with that time.  Also, we will announce this Sunday a day we will need as much help as possible to clean and set up after the school removes all their stuff.  Please consider helping those days!  We are going to need it!

Prospective Members Class

We are excited for the many who have signed up for this Saturday’s Prospective Members Class!  There is still room for others, so if you did not get a chance to sign up just be here this Saturday at 9 am.  We’d love to see you!


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan