Church Family,

Sunday was a fantastic day as we continued in the book of Genesis.  Joseph will carry the story from here.  We will see the ups and downs as Israel moves out of the promised land and into Egypt.  Genesis 37 begins that journey by telling us how his brothers poorly treated Joseph; he is rejected, stripped of his robe, and sold for money.  This is the genesis of how the people of God end up as slaves of Pharaoh who deals shrewdly with them and ruthlessly makes life bitter for them (Exodus 1:1-14).  Things don’t just happen overnight.  There are many movements along the way that bring them, bring people, to unhealthy situations.  Genesis 37 reminds us just how desperate we are for God’s grace once again.  It also gives us hints towards the more excellent brother who is rejected, stripped of his robe, and sold for money (Matthew 27:27-31).


This is just a friendly reminder that we will be gathering this week, March 2, for our disciple-makers class at 6 pm, but will not gather next week, March 9, due to Spring Break.

Ukraine Prayer Guide

Take some time to be praying for the unrest in Ukraine.  Here is a prayer guide to help.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan