Church Family,

As followers of God, we inevitably will show with our life the effects of His work through God the Son. We are a people who have been changed, and that change will and must alter the way we live. One such change is the willingness to seek forgiveness even if it costs us something. As we continue to watch God through the book of Genesis create a people who are devoted to Him, we see the increase of their understanding and see evidence of greater faith as they alter the way they live. As we saw Sunday, Jacob is a beautiful example of this as he pursues Esau (Gen 32:1-21). Esau was not too happy with Jacob when he left his country (Gen 27:41), and now Jacob is walking back to his hometown. Though it’s been 20 years, Jacob knows he must seek his brother and make amends for his wrongs towards him. This is exactly what Christians do, seek forgiveness when they have wronged others. We are people willing to say, “I’m sorry.” Jacob’s growth of faith includes seeking those he has wronged. Brothers and Sisters, this is true of us as well. Are you willing to seek forgiveness? Are you willing to admit and confess wrong?


Prayer/Worship Gathering

We will gather on January 26 at 6 pm to sing and pray. We will seek the Lord’s wisdom for 2022 over several things we sense we must do this year. We will beg the Lord to move in our church and within the surrounding area. Please join us as we pray and sing great truths.


I want to take this moment and personally ask you to commit to our Disciple-makers class that will start on February 2. Disciple-makers is designed to help equip and encourage a follower of Christ to fulfill their responsibility of making disciples. It covers various topics: foundational beliefs, extremely practical ways to read scripture with believers and non-believers, and the ins and outs of how we change. On average, it will require about 30-45 minutes of reading each week before the class. Then, each Wednesday from 6:00 pm-7:30 pm, there will be discussion and practice reading scripture with others.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan