Church Family,

I hope this holiday season has been filled with a greater sense of all we have in Jesus Christ.  Let’s be reminded this Christmas that we have hope, joy, peace, and love because of the first coming of Christ long ago in a manger.  In all the happenings and traditions of the holiday, what is most true is the unshakable person and work of the God-man.  There is so much to reflect upon and no shortage of peace to be gained as we consider God taking flesh.  As we looked at Luke 2 during our Sunday Gathering, we saw clearly through the declaration of a random man named Simeon that in Christ, we SEE our salvation.  As he holds that baby, he can depart in PEACE because he holds salvation in his arms!  He alludes to the suffering that will come as this baby, the Promised One, brings salvation (Luke 2:35).  Peace is ours, but let us not forget what the person Jesus does in his work to secure it!



This Wednesday will be our last Disciple-Makers Class of 2021.  It’s been a wonderful time of learning and reflecting upon the great truths we hold so dearly to our hearts!  We will pick it back up in late January.

Sunday Studies

We have a special treat at our 9 am Sunday Studies this coming Sunday.  A missionary will be here sharing with us the work God is doing across the world.  I will not share specifics for safety reasons, but you don’t want to miss it, so come a little early and be encouraged!


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan