Church Family,

What a great Sunday!  Baptism is a wonderful reminder of God’s grace in redemption.  For the believer, it is a public declaration that one has, through faith and repentance in Jesus Christ, been saved from the eternal effects of sin.  For the church, it’s a joyous moment of celebration to come around that believer in support, affirmation, and commitment to look after them—what a significant moment for us as a church.  Now to put on the dad hat, thank you, church family, for your outpouring of love to my daughter.  She was overwhelmed with the encouragement you all gave her and could not stop talking about it all afternoon.  It is a deep joy to watch you all care for one another as you do!  Because of your servant’s hearts, it was a joy for me to be preaching through 1 Timothy 3:8-13, which is about deacons, this past Sunday.  Light in the Desert Church already has many serving in this capacity well, so I long to officially put in place a robust deacon-served structure to continue and to do even more.  As verse 13 reminded us, when one serves this way, others are encouraged, and their joy increases as they grow in confidence of what the Lord can do through His people!



This Wednesday, we will begin our disciple-makers class at 6 pm.  Join us this evening as we lay a foundation for why it’s important to make disciples and set a course for the fall of what we will be covering.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan