Church Family,

I hope you all are well and enjoying God’s Word daily.  If you have been tracking along with a bible reading plan this year, you have more than likely got a double dose of Genesis, Abram, the formation of Israel, and God’s faithfulness to his covenant.  This has hopefully helped you to appreciate the cohesion of Scripture and to clarify the storyline of Scripture.  Genesis is a crucial and foundational book to the entirety of Scripture.  You cannot read any scripture without seeing the importance of Genesis to understanding that text.  We have been watching and looking at Abram wrestle with faithfulness and trust for the last several weeks.  He, like us, has moments of weakness and moments of great strength.  Last Sunday, we looked at a courageous and gritty moment in Abram’s life.  His faith is on display, and God’s power is seen in Abram’s pursuit of four major superpowers of the day and his subsequent victory over them (Gen 14:1-16).  His courageous and gritty faith is not in himself or his trained men but in the God who is Lord.  Abram the Hebrew, the one where God’s blessing rest, is the one who pursues and conquers the leading powers of the day.  He does what five kings could not do, all due to the Lord.


The Doctrine of Humanity

Last week we began our lecture series on the doctrine of humanity.  We looked at the first major understanding the Bible teaches about us; that we are made in the image of God.  Join us this Wednesday at 6:30 pm as we explore another major part of what it means to be human, gender.  Here is the zoom link (  If you missed last week’s lecture, you can find it here.


Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan