Church Family,

This past Sunday placed us squarely in a section of Genesis that we more than likely try to avoid, genealogies.  When your bible plan reaches a long list of names, you skim them and move on, but as we learned Sunday, there is a wealth of insight hidden amidst the names.  In our journey through Genesis, we arrived at Cain’s descendants and Seth’s descendants (Genesis 4, 5).  In these genealogies, we see death present as the ultimate consequence of sin, but yet they are full of glimmers of hope.  Through all the bleakness, Genesis keeps the thread of hope from Genesis 3:15 alive.


Let Us Pray

We believe prayer is essential to our life together.  So this semester we have been gathering every other Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the auditorium for Let Us Pray.  We would love to see you this Wednesday in-person, bur for those unable to attend, use this zoom link,

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Bryan